Friday, July 15, 2011

Watch out world...

The Bulldog is on the move!
Gray started officially crawling this week, and once he started he has not stopped! I seriously can't keep up with this kid! He is nothing like his sister was. I have a feeling that all of the baby proofing stuff I bought when Presley was a baby and never used, will finally make it out of the packages with this one.

Not only is he crawling, but he's pulling himself up on everything, emptying drawers and cupboards, and basically getting into anything he can. Lucky for me, his new found freedom coincides perfectly with Presley's new interest in Barbie, Strawberry shortcake, and Polly Pocket. So basically I get to spend all day keeping track of little tiny shoes!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

June Wrap Up

June was a crazy month for us! I feel like I've spent the last month and a half continually packing, unpacking, and driving. Lots and lots of driving! It has all been worth it though, we have had so much fun. Here is just a little of all the fun we have had...

June started with a nice loooong drive across the country.

And yes, she really wore the mask. I think she has about 5 or 6 different slumber masks now...such a strange child!

When we got to Ohio we had a crazy jam packed week. We celebrated Paigey's birthday at her beautiful ballerina party.

Gray was ridiculously excited about the ballerina wand he got at the party, and still plays with it daily!
Spent a day in Amish country and feeding the animals at Rolling Ranch (pictures to come).
Celebrated Daddy's birthday at the beach in Vermillion on one of the hottest days of the year!

We played and ate ice cream at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Presley was soooo excited to finally have her Daddy back! They made sure to fit in some quality snuggle and nap time together.

And of course the grand finale of our busy week was the beautiful wedding of one of my very best friends. Congratulations Aileen & Joe!

Presley with the 'princess bride' at the rehearsal dinner.

Presley loved getting ready with the girls at the 'spa' before the wedding. And showing off her arabesque to anyone that would watch!

Then we headed to the church and the kids entertained the rest of the bridal party while we waited for the show to start!

Me and my little flower girl.
Best Friends....still!

I can't even describe how great it was to be with these girls again. I couldn't possibly love them more. I am so glad we are still creating new memories together! Thanks Aileen for the beautiful party and the chance be together. You were a gorgeous bride!
I'm not sure what we are doing, I guess serenading the bride?
Check out the bridal party flash mob too:

When all the fun of the wedding was finally over we headed down to Raleigh to get settled in there.
We spent the week doing lot's of swimming and relaxing.

Watched Despicable me at the park with cousins!

I love the progression of these pictures. Presley looks very reluctant to share those snacks!

It wouldn't really be a special night for Presley if there wasn't ice cream involved!

A little daddy switching!
That week we also got to celebrate Father's Day!

This chocolate peanut butter cake may look like a lopsided heap of melted chocolate, but let me tell you.... it was TO.DIE.FOR. If I do say so myself!
Presley's daily fashion show attire.
This busy month has been wearing our little bulldog out!

The next week we got BACK in the car and drove BACK to Cleveland for a short weekend. We were lucky enough to be there to celebrate this handsome guys baptism and 8th birthday!

And Rainey & Roo got to spend some more quality time together!

And Gray was just happy to be there.

Totally exhausting, but loads of fun!